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Christmas Wine Countdown with Piña Winery

Wine Tour Pros welcomes Piña Winery to the Christmas Wine Countdown!

Piña is one of only a handful of eight-generation Napa Valley farming families. They have some serious history and wine knowledge handed down for generations. Their great-great-grandfather Bluford Stice led a wagon train to the Napa Valley in 1856 from Missouri. His son Lafayette Stice was a leader in the wine industry of Napa Valley at the turn of the twentieth century.

Their passion for Cabernet produces five 100% Cabernet Sauvignon Single Vineyard Designate wines. If you are a big fan of Cab, you need to explore their wines asap. If you can’t get out here to visit, just join the wine club and get ready for a very special delivery.

Will you add this tasting experience to your next unforgettable wine tour with Wine Tour Pros?

Wine Featured: 2016 Cahoots & 2015 Mimbre - both CABERNET SAUVIGNON If you want to pop the cork on this one - order here To order wine and learn more about Piña Winery visit their website Follow them on social: Facebook Instagram

When you're ready to book your wine tour please contact us at Wine Tour Pros!

We plan, we drive, you drink! (707)301-3355

*Wine Tour Pros makes zero profit from wine sales on this blog post. The intention of this blog post is to share our love and passion for wine and shine a light on our hard-working vineyard partners. #wine #napa #napavalley #winelovers #vineyard #winetour #napawinetour #winetourpros #celebrate #Zinfandel #pina #christmas #christmascountdown

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