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Christmas Wine Countdown with Piña Winery

Wine Tour Pros welcomes Piña Winery to the Christmas Wine Countdown!

Piña is one of only a handful of eight-generation Napa Valley farming families. They have some serious history and wine knowledge handed down for generations. Their great-great-grandfather Bluford Stice led a wagon train to the Napa Valley in 1856 from Missouri. His son Lafayette Stice was a leader in the wine industry of Napa Valley at the turn of the twentieth century.

Their passion for Cabernet produces five 100% Cabernet Sauvignon Single Vineyard Designate wines. If you are a big fan of Cab, you need to explore their wines asap. If you can’t get out here to visit, just join the wine club and get ready for a very special delivery.

Will you add this tasting experience to your next unforgettable wine tour with Wine Tour Pros?

Wine Featured: 2016 Cahoots & 2015 Mimbre - both CABERNET SAUVIGNON If you want to pop the cork on this one - order here To order wine and learn more about Piña Winery visit their website

When you're ready to book your wine tour please contact us at Wine Tour Pros!

We plan, we drive, you drink! (707)301-3355

*Wine Tour Pros makes zero profit from wine sales on this blog post. The intention of this blog post is to share our love and passion for wine and shine a light on our hard-working vineyard partners. #wine #napa #napavalley #winelovers #vineyard #winetour #napawinetour #winetourpros #celebrate #Zinfandel #pina #christmas #christmascountdown


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