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About Us

We make memories happen.  Specializing in high level experiences. Discover Wine Country with Wine Tour Pros.

We at Wine Tour Pros continually explore Wine Country to find the best wine and experiences for our clients. At Wine Tour Pros, we forge relationships with the vineyards we visit. For this reason, we can provide our clients with the inside track to vineyards they would otherwise never hear of or not be able to get an appointment on their own.

Our guests range from wine lover and expert to the “I usually drink beer, but my girlfriend/boyfriend loves wine, so help me not make a fool of myself”. No matter where you fit between these two extremes, we will tailor your wine tour experience to be a memorable one that fits your personality and your budget. 

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It’s our goal to make sure our clients enjoy themselves to the fullest during their experience. This starts from the moment you call us to book your memorable wine tour. What are you waiting for?

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