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Wine Tour Q&A

Jeremy Durfee, owner of Wine Tour Pros quickly answers questions we get a lot as a wine tour company that plans some amazing experiences in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys. If you have a question, we are always more than happy to answer. Send us an email at But first, scroll through these videos and see if we have an answer for you here.

How Many Wineries Can I Visit In A Day?
Are Tastings Included With The Price Of The Tour?
How Do I Secure My Wine Tour Booking?
Will I Be Charged For Missed Wine Tasting Appointments?
Can I Do Napa And Sonoma In The Same Day?
Can I Pick The Wineries We Go To On Our Wine Tour?
What Should I Wear On A Wine Tour
What Shoes Should I Wear On A Wine Tour? Can I Wear Heels On A Wine Tour?
What Are The Lunch Options On A Wine Tour?
How Do I Know What Wineries To Visit? Google it? No...
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