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Signs Of Upcoming Harvest In Napa Valley

What's happening in the Napa Valley? We are seeing a lot of bottling and making room for this years upcoming harvest. Today I had the pleasure of visiting Sullivan Vineyards, one of Wine Tour Pros go to picks for small production vineyards with scenic views and a heartwarming family tale. We are seeing the signs of veraison as you see below in this photo taken today.

Veraison of Cabernet Sauvignon

In viticulture (grape-growing), veraison is the onset of ripening. The term is originally French (véraison), but has been adopted into English use. Veraison represents the transition from berry growth to berry ripening, and many changes in berry development occur at veraison.

This is a perfect time to visit the Napa Valley. The weather is beautiful, theirs grapes on the vine and over 500 vineyards awaiting your arrival. Fill your glass with Wine Tour Pros! Cheers.

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