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Napa Valley Winter Wine Tasting

Winter in Napa Valley means green grass, trimmed vines and what’s considered the rainy season.

The juices from the fall harvest have been laid away to become wine and the many hard workers get a little reprieve before the process starts all over again.

Winter in Napa is quiet time, and for some visitors the best time to enjoy all that it has to offer. It might not be as exciting as “Crush”, but it’s a time where you can find more open appointment times at spectacular vineyards, peace and some elbow room while sipping the finest wines. Not to mention hotel deals you may be able to finagle.

Winter (November through January) is the rainiest and coolest time of year in Napa, but California cold isn’t really all that cold. Our California weather varies from year to year. Some years are quite dry while others are very wet. Some of us wear shorts all through winter except for a few days. If you are visiting from a place that has “actual” winter like the northeast, it will be a welcome change. It might even feel like a heat wave. You will look at some locals like they are crazy for wearing boots, jackets and scarves. Napa's winter high temperatures will be in the upper 50s °F and lows average around 40°F.

Speaking of deals, call us for our special winter rates! Plus, we know all the best places. "Wink wink".

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