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Winter In Napa Valley & Sonoma Valley

Why visit Napa Valley in the Winter? If our moderate winters aren't a big enough reason, how about we add in less crowds, lower hotel rates than the busy season and the mustard flowers. Yes, I said mustard flowers and it has nothing to do with a sandwich. Mustard season is a visually beautiful time to take in the sights of Napa and Sonoma Valleys. Mustard usually begins to grow 30 days after the first significant rainfall in December. The more rain the Napa Valley gets, the more mustard seems to grow and spread into a sea of yellow in some areas.

Mustard is a beneficial cover crop for vineyards. Each plant produces an enormous quantity of mustard seed, so it would actually be hard to get rid of even if you wanted to. If you want to know more about vineyard cover crops or any other wine related questions, this is the perfect time of year to get out and wine tour with us. Vineyards are less busy this time of year, which means you can usually get some undivided attention. You can totally nerd out and ask all the questions you want.

I asked our local Napa community Facebook group to share some of their beautiful photos of mustard flowers and they delivered! A special thanks to Kathleen Gillion, Emily Major, Judy Marshall-DuPuis, Margaret Booth, Stephanie Vinatieri, Marisol Simpson, Ronene Ettinger Anderson and Sunshine Moeschler for submitting photos in time for our blog!

By the end of March, the mustard season will sadly come to an end. Don't miss it! Book your wine tour with us today. If you know nothing about wine and don't have the first idea where to go or what to do... NO WORRIES... Wine Tour Pros has you covered! You're a seasoned wine drinker on your 20th visit to the area... OKAY.. Betcha we can introduce you to something new and exciting.. OR we can go to your old favorites.

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