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Christmas Wine Countdown With Blue Oak Vineyards

On the very top of Coombsville knoll (Napa) is where the Blue Oak Vineyard resides, with volcanic ash and mountainous hillsides creating the grapes special character. And with a microclimate that is well suited to Cabernet, Blue Oak is a rare grower of Merlot in the region. Blue Oak is a very magical, relaxing place that we love taking our clients to. They have very exceptional and limited production. Definitely, something you want in your wine cellar, but mostly in your glass to enjoy.

We want to wish Michael, the host at Blue Oak a very Happy Holidays and a huge thank you for always taking extra special care of our clients. It’s a home run experience!

Wine Featured: 2017 Merlot Estate Reserve

To order wine and learn more about Blue Oak Vineyards visit their website at

When you're ready to book your wine tour please contact us at Wine Tour Pros!


*Wine Tour Pros makes zero profit from wine sales on this blog post. The intention of this blog post is to share our love and passion for wine and shine a light on our hard-working vineyard partners.

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