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Christmas Wine Countdown With Gabrielle Collection

Entering the countdown this year is Gabrielle Collection. While many can boast a food and wine pairing for lunch or dinner, Gabrielle has taken it to the next level and also created a fantastic breakfast pairing which is delightful. If you are not a morning person, this pairing could change your perspective. The pairings and wines are unique, fun, and an enjoyable experience that is available right in downtown Napa by the riverfront.

Wine Featured: Juxtaposition 75% Cabernet Sauvignon 25% Syrah

Juxtaposition means relationship; side by side; combination- a perfect name for the food and wine experience. Gabrielle envisioned a signature wine to delight foodies- velvet in the mouth yet elegantly balanced. The blend of Cabernet Sauvignon & Syrah was it! Chefs have juxtaposed this wine with a broad range of dishes from fish to fowl to game meats. The dish was better because of the wine and the wine better because of the dish.

To order wine and learn more about Gabrielle Collection visit their website at Gabrielle Collection

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*Wine Tour Pros makes zero profit from wine sales on this blog post. The intention of this blog post is to share our love and passion for wine and shine a light on our hard-working vineyard partners.

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