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Christmas Wine Countdown With Mumm

Wine Tour Pros welcomes Mumm to the Christmas Wine Countdown!

Merry Christmas!

Established in California in the late 1970s, Mumm Napa follows traditional wine-making techniques of its French heritage to create the finest, hand-crafted sparkling wines.

Consistently delicious and a fun place to visit when you are on your Napa Valley Wine Tour!

Will you add this tasting experience to your next unforgettable wine tour with Wine Tour Pros?

Wine Featured: Mumm

If you want to pop a cork on the wine featured here in this blog post - order here

Wine Notes: It's simple. Their wines win awards year after year.

Visit their website:

Did you forget someone on your Christmas list? It's not too late for you to get them a digital gift. During the holidays we discovered a new author! They go great with a glass of wine. Check them out!

About these books:

Mrs. Claus

Event planner Grae Reed gets the Christmas of a lifetime when she's asked to be a candidate for the next Mrs. Claus. Can she be the First Lady of Christmas and abandon her life and friends? Can she fall for Santa? Or is she meant to continue her life in Bridgeport, CT?

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Mrs. Claus: A Wedding at the North Pole

Eleven months ago, Santa (Nick) Claus proposed to his future Mrs. Claus, Grae Reed. The time for the wedding has arrived and everyone in the North Pole is buzzing with excitement! Can the First Couple of Christmas nuptials go off without a hitch?

Available on Kindle or paperback! Shop On Amazon

About the Author & more titles:

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*Wine Tour Pros makes zero profit from wine sales on this blog post. The intention of this blog post is to share our love and passion for wine and shine a light on our hard-working vineyard partners.


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