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Wine Tasting Kits & Virtual Tastings With Reverie II - Bring Napa Valley Home To You

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Join Jeremy Durfee of Wine Tour Pros and Austin Robertson of Reverie II Vineyard in the beautiful Napa Valley as they sip some amazing wine, talk about virtual tastings and amazing deals on wines they are having right now.

Check out this video and learn about this amazing opportunity to enjoy Napa Valley from home.

Click Here For Virtual Tasting Kit Information And Order Forms (Update: July 2020 offer has ended

Don't miss out! Don't delay! Call Austin at Reverie today!

Austin Robertson - General Manager

(707) 337-4259



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So now you're in the mood to schedule a future wine tour right??

Contact Jeremy Durfee at Wine Tour Pros




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